Health Ministries

Health Ministries is committed to bringing happiness to the church family and community through optimal health. The good Creator of our bodies and of this world gave us a blueprint, an owner’s manual for how to obtain a fulfilling and healthful life. This blueprint is the Scripture, and the Health Ministry would like you to join us on a journey to explore how to live a long, healthy life together.

The Health Ministries leadership provides for the following:

  1. Outlines, plans, and budgets, in consultation with the pastor, the church Health Ministries Council, and the church board, programs for the year that will emphasize total health and temperance for the church and the community.
  2. Promotes an ongoing witness in the community concerning the destructive effects of tobacco, alcohol, and other health-destroying drugs and substances.
  3. Fosters good relationships with community health and temperance organizations.
  4. Encourages the study of the biblical principles and the Spirit of Prophecy counsels on health and temperance.
  5. Encourages the application of the principles of healthful living among church members.
  6. Arranges for and promote the holding of health and temperance education programs for the church and the community it serves, in close cooperation with the conference/mission/field Health Ministries director.

For info on Health Ministry or to get involved, please contact the Kéana Aitcheson